Wtf are we listening to? Take 3

Le Butcherettes - Sin Sin Sin

"Mr Tolstoi" (One of the best songs created in the past decade, and is perfectly executed with Teri’s vocal styling which reminds us of a female Serj Tankian. Brilliant, to say the least.)

"The Actress That Ate Rousseau"

"New York"

"The Leibniz Language"

Zechs Marquise - Getting Paid

"Mega Slap" (This song will mega slap you in the face with its excellence)

"Static Lovers"

"Getting Paid"

"Everlasting Beacon Of Light" (Matt Embree of RXB on vocals. His voice goes so very well with their instrumentals.)

Native - Wrestling Moves 

"Marco Polo"

"Five Year Payoff"

"Lego Land"

"Wrestling Moves"

Obviously, Sargent House knows the way to our hearts. 

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